Tarek Aziz for Import, Export and manufacturing established at 1989 and is considered as one of the leading companies in the Middle East and Egypt in the field household tools, Mops, brushes and Natural loofah products for Health Care.
in order to introduce the world to the Egyptian Loofah, which has been cultivated in Egypt since ancient times (since the Pharaohs).
The plant is totally 100% Natural where we grow the Loofah without adding any pesticides or chemicals as our products are natural products

We are a leading producer and exporter of The Egyptian bath Natural loofah Body Loofah products with various shapes and uses, which are prepared according to the best international health, environment and quality standards

Headquartered in Egypt ,has been establishing a wide trading net, offering its customers an integrated set of excellent high quality products with world-competitive pricing while meeting the highest standards.

We export to many markets worldwide like France, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, Netherlands and United Arab Emirates.

we hope to get further with new ideas, and new deals, to join the links of business partnership between Asia, USA, the Middle East, Africa and Europe!

We hope you find great use for our website and looking forward to extend our services and products to you.